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AMP is an advertising, marketing & promotions company, specializing in live event coordination, management and multimedia video production services
to generate more leads & convert more sales.

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We don’t think outside the box.
Boxes work.
We make better boxes

Meet the brains behind the operation

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Meet the team that is going to make it happen for YOU.

Rey Perez

Marketing Strategist

Julian Camacho

Video Production Manager

Miguel Clerch

Lead Graphic Designer

Alex Ocampo

Web and Apps Specialist

Tyler Patric

Photography & Video Production

Cece Espeut

Photography & Video Production

Jill Pavlov

Marketing Content Creator

Gary Stephen Arias

Custom Printing Specialist

Bill Timar


Michel Vilarino

Web Development Expert

Roman Untu

Brand Graphic Designer

Tony Mendoza

Production Assitant

Join the Team

We’re always looking for great talent.

Join the Team

We’re always looking for great talent.

Our Vision

People want newer and better. So do we. But rather than throw out the old box and start from scratch, we start with what already exists and figure out how to make it better. We are always looking for better and more creative ways to push your brand forward, using all of the established tools of advertising and marketing, and then building on them.

Our Mission

Everywhere you go, you are subjected to advertising in some form or another. Because advertising is an important part of our culture, we feel that ad agencies have a responsibility to produce quality advertising that enhances people’s lives. Getting your message out there is not enough. We make sure that your brand and your advertising stand out from the crowd in unique and original ways.

Our Philosophy

Our passion is bringing you effective strategies. While other companies choose to apply the same strategy for each client, we realize that not all marketing and advertising plans are a fit for each business. We want our creative marketing ideas to work, which is why we constantly analyze our advertising strategies to make sure that our creative services work for you.

We Think GREEN

For us, green is more than environment. It’s about treating ourselves and our world with respect. From riding bikes to work to providing organic, sustainable meals in our offices, we do the best we can for ourselves and our environment. Finally, we make sure that our employees have ample time to enjoy their real lives, because no one wants to live in a clean world where you have to work 80 hours a week.

Surrounded by Art

We decorate our space with original art that speaks to our creative personalities and showcases the many talents of the art community here in Miami.

More About Us

During your first Discovery Call with AMP Productions, you’ll realize that this is no ordinary marketing team. From concept to implementation, the unique chemistry of our team sparks clever and inventive ideas that will leverage the most influential of audiences. Our strength lies in our differences, with each team member bringing a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Each individual plays a unique role in the development of every idea.



Do you see what we see?

What’s the vision that drives your brand? Branding starts with stepping away from your business and looking at the big picture. How do you view your brand? How do your employees view your brand? What are your customers saying about your brand? Branding is about building messaging and a visual style that communicates the values of your company to ensure that all of your customer interactions are consistent with your vision.

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